We chose the British Museum this time.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

After our cruise ended in Dover last August, we had a few days in London before our flight back to Florida.  We chose to spend one day with friends in the suburbs leaving us just one full day in the city plus a little time the day we arrived and the day we left.

We find it is best to set priorities and leave those items that don’t make the list for another trip.  Even on a longer visit, we narrowed our list to ten items — the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace did not make the list — and, although it was on the list, we never got to the British Museum.

With such limited time, our priority became the British Museum.  We visited it the first day for as long as our legs held up.  The museum has 10 departments [six geographic and four by subject such as coins and medals, conservation and research].  We saw them all.

The second day we had a more perfunctory London overview on the Hop-on Hop-off bus. We did stop to visit Westminster Abbey, but photographs were not allowed inside the Abbey.

On our final morning, we took a quick tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral — again no photos allowed.

Once again, the changing of the guard did not make the list.  But when returning to our hotel from St. Paul’s before heading to the airport, we found our cab following the guard to the palace.  We waved to the crowd on the sidewalks in a poor imitation of the Queen.

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Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace -- M. Rossman

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace — M. Rossman

P.S. In an attempt to make the “alphabetical index” at the top of the page more useful, I have begun adding hyperlinks.  Now you can find many locations and just click on them to go to the relevant post.  


About ralietravels

Ray and Alie (Ralie) are a retired couple who love to travel. Even during our working years, we squeezed a trip in whenever we could, often when we had to stretch the budget to do so. We have been fortunate to vacation in all 50 states, all the provinces of Canada and one territory and a little more than 50 countries. We like to drive, but we particularly love to travel back roads to find unusual sights, people, and experiences.
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16 Responses to We chose the British Museum this time.

  1. Ester says:

    The British Museum it is very interisting, but you need 2-3 days to see it properly..

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  2. simonjkyte says:

    Interesting choices in the photos here


  3. One of my favourite places. I particularly love the Assyrian Lachish friezes – looking at the faces of Judahites (albeit defeated Judahites) who were contemporaries of King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah is a thrill for me as a biblical historian – not to mention the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III! I’m fortunate enough to live a short tube-hop from the museum when I’m in London so I can pop in pretty regularly. Next time you’re in town I’d be happy to give you my “biblical tour” of the museum – if you’re interested.

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    • ralietravels says:

      Thanks. As noted in another comment, I don’t think we have anything like those Assyrian friezes in the U.S.


      • No, like the Elgin Marbles they’re a legacy of Britain’s (and Europe’s) imperial past when we went around the world and took home anything that took our fancy. However, whatever the morality of the original acquisitions, at least these treasures are safe from the likes of ISIS.


  4. And by the way – do you guys get around?? Last I heard, a few minutes ago it seems, you were off Mustique of somewhere. You must have more air-miles than that character George Clooney played in Up In The Air!!

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    • ralietravels says:

      Actually, I hate planes but love to drive. When I have to cross water, I prefer to do it in a ship. We have taken three drives around the U.K. and one in Ireland. But the next time, I think I will take the train. The best deal from the U.K. to the U.S. is on Norwegian Air out of Gatwick.


  5. Keith and Loraine says:

    The Abbey was beautiful and the artifacts were also interesting. Always a history lesson which is great to me. Thanks again for sharing. Love Loraine

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  6. JohnRH says:

    A memorable favorite of mine are the Assyrian human-headed, winged lions.

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  7. Loved visiting the British Museum. Spent way too much time in front of the Rosetta Stone. That’s for rekindling the memory!

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  8. Great idea of a list of places to see and participate in. We like the photos and words. It is going to be fun following your adventures through your photos and words. Be safe.


  9. Dina says:

    Love the BM. Thank you for the lovely tour. 🙂

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