From a circle on a map to a spectacular drive.

We think Colorado has so many spectacular drives that if they marked them all “scenic,” the entire state map would be dotted roads.  Perhaps, Colorado’s 131, 133 and 134 are only scenic in the fall.

In Montrose, Alie noticed roads mostly marked scenic that would take us on an loop close to the Utah border and Moab.  We went south on U.S. 550, west on Colorado 62, and north on Colorado 145 along the San Miguel River through Norwood where we picked up Colorado 141 and the Delores River outside Naturita which we took past Gateway and back east to U.S. 50 north of Montrose.  From Placerville on, the 133 mile-long stretch is called the Unaweep-Tabequache Scenic and Historic Byway.

In Norwood, I stopped to take a picture and talked for a while with the Fire Chief, a retired fireman from Chicago.  His assistant had lived in Norwood all his life.  He said the drought was the worst he had ever seen.

Further up the road, we came to remains of 13 mile-long wooden flume hanging on the side of the Delores River Canyon.  Built in 1891, it carried 13.46 million gallons of water per day to placer mining operations.

Remains of an 1891 13 mile-long flume on the side of the Delores River Canyon that carried 13.46 million gallons of water per day to placer mining operations

We enjoyed the drive so much, we we drove portions again later in our trip when we returned to Colorado from Utah.

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Dates of our visits: 26, 29 September 2018


About ralietravels

Ray and Alie (Ralie) are a retired couple who love to travel. Even during our working years, we squeezed a trip in whenever we could, often when we had to stretch the budget to do so. We have been fortunate to vacation in all 50 states, all the provinces of Canada and one territory and a little more than 50 countries. We like to drive, but we particularly love to travel back roads to find unusual sights, people, and experiences.
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10 Responses to From a circle on a map to a spectacular drive.

  1. Simply amazing….very much appreciate the historical details. Thanks!

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  2. Diana says:

    Man, there are just too many things to see here in Colorado… Thanks for adding another road trip to my list 🙂

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  3. I focused in on the cows on the road, Ray. Remind me of the sheep in Scotland and New Zealand. Or my youth. Every spring and fall, cattlemen would drive their herds through Diamond Springs on their way to and from mountain pastures. We’d always jump on our bikes and follow along— careful to avoid the cow piles. 🙂 There is much scenic beauty in the area! Thanks for sharing. –Curt

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  4. Wow what a fabulous place to see! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

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  5. Sue Slaght says:

    Looks like a tremendous road trip! Sorry to hear about the terrible drought. Hopefully rain will find its way there soon.

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  6. Keith & Loraine Beckman says:

    Very interesting scenic areas. Loved the coke ovens and how handy they would be for one who loves to bake but that probably isn’t what the intended use was. also got a big kick out of the motorcycle on top of the vehicle. Hugs to you both.

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  7. I have often thought that most routes in Colorado could be designated “scenic.” In many ways, the choice appears arbitrary.

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