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Why Southwest United States cliff dwellers left their homes

The mystery is solved.  I believe I know why the ancient Southwest cliff dwellers left their homes. We first visited Mesa Verde in 1981.  There were many possible reasons given why these people, now referred to as Ancestral Puebloan People, … Continue reading

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Trash cans and a bicycle rack: Lake Placid, Florida

Walking down a street in Elkins, West Virginia recently, I saw a woman pick up a piece of litter and commented  how clean Elkins was. “We have been trying to ‘beautify’ the town” she replied. It seems many cultures, especially … Continue reading

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Hurricane hiatus

We have been busy.  I have not posted my usual travel blog for a couple weeks.  Readers from other countries are probably aware Hurricane Irma made landfall at Marco Island, Florida and passed through the state.  But even U.S. readers … Continue reading

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The Red Cross in New Orleans

On Tuesday, New Orleans commemorated the 12th anniversary of the August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina landfall.  Ironically, Harvey was waiting in the wings. What happened with Katrina provides lessons for those dealing with Harvey. Many do not realize the Red … Continue reading

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Commentary: Travel, Life and Death

A European once commented “Americans seem to think death is optional.” I had lunch with my friend George, a licensed architect who worked on plans for a medical facility earlier this year.  His doctor told him a couple months ago … Continue reading

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The Red Cross at a fire: Naples, Florida

Abandoning our travel theme, this post is about a recent local Red Cross activity. Perhaps some information will be new for you. Southwest Florida had above average rain in 2016 fostering luxurious growth.  The last five months have been the 6th … Continue reading

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Familiarity breeds indifference.

A week after we married almost forty-eight years ago, my father-in-law sent us a letter urging us to have fun now because soon “the stale familiarity of marriage” would set in. In his own peculiar way, his heart was in … Continue reading

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