Interesting Lists

U.S Dark Sky Parks

Ice Cream Stores List from TV

  • Coolrick’s Pharamacy (1863), Fredericksburg, VA (soda fountain 1912)
  • Homer’s, Wilmette, IL 1935
  • Mitchells Ice Cream, San Francisco 1953
  • Cliff’s Ice Cream, Ledgewood, NJ 1975
  • McConnels, Santa Barbara, CA 1949
  • Crown Candy Kitchen, St. Louis, MO 1913
  • John’s Drive Inn, Montauk, NY, 1967
  • Graeters, Cincinnati, OH 1870
  • Four Seas, Centerville, MA 1934
  • Basetts Ice Cream, Philadelphia, PA 1861
  • The Red Rooster Drive In, Brewster, NY 1963
  • Doumar’s, Norfolk, VA 1907 opened by inventor of ice cream cone (1 of many claims)
  • Wilton Candy Kitchen, Wilton, IO  1860
  • Coles Drug, Big Timber, MT 1935
  • The Parrot, Helena, MT (suggested by Dan Krivit)

Odd Museums

  • Marion, OH Wyandot Popcorn Museum
  • Logan, OH Columbus Washboard Co. & Museum
  • Hocking Hills, OH Pencil Sharpener Museum
  • Culver City, CA Museum of Jurassic Technology
  • Independence, MO Leila’s Hair Museum
  • LaCrosse, KN Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
  • Watertown, MA Plumbing Museum
  • Bardstown, KY Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History
  • Plano, TX Cockroach Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Portland, OR Stark’s Vacuums/Vacuum Museum
  • Santa Claus, IN Santa Claus Museum
  • RV Hall of Fame, Elkhart, IN

Great Train Rides

These great train rides were copied from an Internet list on “Bing.”

  • Fläm – Norway
  • The Devil’s Nose – Ecuador
  • Royal Scotsman
  • The Ghan – Australia
  • Palace on Wheels – India
  • Bernia Express – Char to Tirano
  • The Rocky Mountaineer – Vancouver to Calgary
  • Glacier Express – Zermat to St. Moritz
  • West Highland – Glasgow to Mallaig
  • Coast Starlight – Seattle to Los Angeles
  • Venice-Simplon Orient Express – London to Vienna and Paris to Istanbul
  • El Chope – Chihuahua to Topolobampo
  • Eastern Orient Express – Malasia to Singapore
  • Winnipeg to Churchill
  • Trans Siberian

5 Responses to Interesting Lists

  1. Dan Krivit says:

    Really great information ,
    wish we were young enough to get through these lists.
    if you are ever in Helena,Montana,stop by The Parrot –authentic 1930’s soda fountain and candy store. heavenly hand made chocolates.
    With love, Dan & Sandy


  2. Victor Ho says:

    So little time… haven’t been to a single one.


  3. Dark sky parks list–yes!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. skrumenaker says:

    Hi Ray/Alie- I was looking thru your “Interesting Lists” and came across your list of ice cream places … one caught my eye, Cliff’s in Ledgewood NJ … I have had many scoops of homemade ice cream there, it was a couple of miles from my home in Succasunna, NJ (home of the first electronic telephone switch). This was the place we came on summer’s evenings for ice cream. The place was always crowded as they made there own ice cream, had so many flavors you could not count them and more than they could fit on the menus. THere were cardboard signs stuck to the walls with the new or current flavors. As you waited on line to get your ice cream, you could watch the cars on route 10 going westbound. We would usually move to the back of the place to eat, where there were picnic tables. If it was hot, your ice cream would drip on the ground, as it melted that was ok in the back. They also served great hamburgers. Donna use to hire Cliff’s to cater the lunchtime “ice cream social’s” when she managed buildings, “They did an awesome” job.

    Liked by 1 person

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