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Why Southwest United States cliff dwellers left their homes

The mystery is solved.  I believe I know why the ancient Southwest cliff dwellers left their homes. We first visited Mesa Verde in 1981.  There were many possible reasons given why these people, now referred to as Ancestral Puebloan People, … Continue reading

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Walking beneath the walls of old San Juan

Arriving early in San Juan, Puerto Rico with no plan in mind, I  went to get a map from tourism office but it wasn’t open.  So I walked across the street where the old wall that once surrounded Old San … Continue reading

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Edinburgh: is it greedy to want more?

It is greedy.  But as our ship pulled out of Edinburgh, Scotland after less than 24 hours, I was wishing we had more time there.  As I have written before, cruises take you places you might not otherwise see, but … Continue reading

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The Viking Capital: Trondheim, Norway

Founded by Viking King Olav Tryggvason in 997, Trondheim was Norway’s Viking capital for over 200 years.  Today it is the country’s third largest city with a population of around 185,000. It is small enough to see on foot and … Continue reading

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Did Shakespeare know Rosenkrantz?

A college professor said Shakespeare’s characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern objected most to faults in others they had themselves.  For some reason, this observation of a common human characteristic stuck with me.  I don’t remember much Shakespeare, but I remember those names. So … Continue reading

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Henry’s Dover home was his castle.

Rich and powerful people often make their home a statement: “This is who I am.” King Henry II, great-grandson of William the Conqueror, struggled for twenty years to consolidate and expand his kingdom. With Thomas Becket’s murder hanging over his … Continue reading

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The toughest mining camp in the West.

Last spring we visited what was called the toughest mining camp in the West.  One report said in Frisco’s heyday there were 12 men killed a night.  That might be an exaggeration, but it is agreed there were killings most … Continue reading

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