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A visit to “Jurassic Park”: Kauai, Hawaii

Napali means cliffs in Hawaiian.  The northwest coast of Kauai is barely 17 miles long, but it is so rugged, it only can be reached on foot, by boat or by helicopter.  Although we spent ten days on Kauai in … Continue reading

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Hilo: Hawai`i

We flew over the volcano Kilauea April 4.  It was just coincidence last week’s post was just as new fissures and eruptions were threatening homes outside Hilo.  After reading reports, I believe the lava in my photo “lava lake”  suddenly … Continue reading

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Volcanoes: Hawaii, The Big Island

Hawaii, the biggest and newest island in the State of Hawaii, is called “The Big Island.”  Five shield volcanoes formed the island.  Two are still active.  Kilauea, currently the world’s longest continually-erupting volcano, has erupted steadily since 1983 and is … Continue reading

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Why Southwest United States cliff dwellers left their homes

The mystery is solved.  I believe I know why the ancient Southwest cliff dwellers left their homes. We first visited Mesa Verde in 1981.  There were many possible reasons given why these people, now referred to as Ancestral Puebloan People, … Continue reading

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The worst volcanic disaster of the 20th century: Martinique.

Martinique comprises four hundred thirty six square miles of France.  In 1902, St. Pierre, it’s largest town, was completely destroyed. Martinique, like its Caribbean neighbor Guadalupe [629 square miles] is single overseas department of France.  They elect four Deputies to … Continue reading

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